Animal Speak’s Album Singles

The following singles from Yesterday’s News are now available on multiple streaming platforms and digital audio retailers. More singles will be released for your listening enjoyment.

Release Date: Sept 2021

“I Can’t Take It Anymore” was originally written in 1992 in response to the Rodney King LA riots. When I re-read the lyrics in the summer of 2020, it felt like it was an editorial on the events of the day…it appears some things never change.


Release Date: Oct 2021

Big Brother” was written in January 2021 to reflect the privacy issues of the day. It was also influenced by the Eagles 1970’s classic rock song “On the Border.” Remember, someone is always watching you.


Release Date: Nov 2021

Corporation Blues” was written about the experience of working for one of the largest technology companies in the early 1990’s.

For those feeling frustrated and disillusioned with the whole idea of the “corporate rate race” this introspective of Corporate America is for you!


Slip Away
Release Date: Dec 2021

Slip Away” was my first collaborative effort with John Dunkle in 2018. This was such an enjoyable experience that it led to the creation of the Yesterday’s News concept album. “Slip Away” was our attempt to go back in time and try to re-capture the raw feelings and emotions of a first love.


Stingray & the Cobra
Release Date: Feb 2022

The Stingray and the Cobra” is a tribute to the Beach Boys and the car songs they made famous in the 60s like “Little Deuce Coupe”, “409”, “Fun Fun Fun” and others. So, sit back, tighten up your seat belt and “come along for a ride, on an adrenaline-filled high octane drive!


The One Album Cover
Release Date: Aug 2022

The One” is a song about the excitement of a new relationship and wanting them to know that although you are apart, they are still on your mind