About Be Still Publishing

Be Still Publishing is turning the traditional definition of a “publishing company” on its head.

We are leading the way toward a ground-breaking 21st century version of publishing: one that redefines the term to include content in a variety of formats, on a variety of platforms, and by a variety of contributors. 

Gone are the days when a publishing company simply printed books written by professional authors. With all of its content written and/or curated by Frank Antonicelli, Be Still Publishing brings together the works of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. They are people who create videos, or who write poetry, music …and yes, books. 

The one thread that holds it all together? Everything published within this community is created by someone who has a strong desire to share; to contribute their knowledge, experiences and inspirations with the general public. 

By reading, watching or listening to Be Still Publishing materials, anyone can get a little bit closer to a sense of happiness, fulfillment and peace.

Together, Be Still Publishing will help everyone learn how to “be still.”